About Us

We at HME have built an excellent profile of clientele both locally in Dubai, and internationally, through our presence in the region over the last two decades. We have also managed to build up a solid network of contacts in the majority of business sectors, including but not limited to Governmental Departments, Real Estate, Sport and Leisure, and Hospitality and Tourism. The majority of investments we present will likely be related to one of the sectors mentioned.

Through these contacts, we are able to ensure that the best possible options are made available to our investors and present them with the most profitable and low risk options. We are also strict on the matter of ensuring all investment options presented are Shariah Compliant. Before any opportunity is presented it will be checked by relevant Islamic entities to ensure it is in line with the Shariah.

We hope to attract investors of every calibre from those wishing to make there first investment to seasoned investors looking for new opportunities. We have a number of exciting opportunities that we will be putting forward in the near future and we anticipate great demand so do not hesitate to contact us should you wish to declare your interest in any one of the lucrative opportunities offered.